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the Universe,
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The Five Rings of Life
The universe is complex. Life is complex. You are complex. Therefore, we begin our practical understanding with the fundamental principles that modern science and the ancient wisdom teachings agree are life's simple (and unafraid of complexity) truths.
Musashi said that every strategy that one uses is a combination of strategies, people lose because they are predictable, and the strategies are the strategies of Nature therefore they are found everywhere.
To facilitate communication, Stuart built a bridge using a classical Japanese warrior's model of effective action. In the Book of Five Rings: a classic on strategy, Miyamoto Musashi used the names Fire, Water, Wind, Ground and Space (Void) to hold his understanding of the sword and life.
It is a virtue to be strong. It is a virtue to be kind.
It is natural for us to have these virtues.
It is normal to have problems with them.
Stuart chose to use these category names because it is a system of strategy, not of elements, for "I am not a thing."

In the Book of Space, he offers the meta-strategy for achieving the greatest results. "To realize the principle within your own heart-and-mind, do not just read, memorize, or imitate, instead, study so as to absorb these things into your body."

From the perspective of the Chinese experiential science of Qi Gong, this strategy of bodily cultivation is called "nourishing life." So, absorb these things into your blood and energetic living field.
Movement can be used for many goals. Rather than focusing on the internal martial or physical-medical, Stuart designed a language and system to speak to our everyday world, and the energies, experiences, and attitudes that support us in becoming the truly best we can be.
Welcome to the adventure!
Because life is real, these ideas, models, stories, and movements have been tested and retested around the world, in different languages, for different goals, and in different professions. They seem to provide an alternative yet classical technology for riding the waves of change.